Where is Saragarhi

Saragarhi is a small village in the border district of Kohat, situated on the Samana Range, in present-day it is in Pakistan. The coordinated of this location is 33°33′15″N 70°53′15″E and it is in the north west part of Pakistan, it is around 260 KM western side of Islamabad a city of Pakistan and 1250 KM north side from Karachi (Know Where is Karachi) the capital of pakistan.

Where is Saragarhi Located

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Quick facts about Saragarhi

Name Saragarhi
District Kohat
Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Country Pakistant
Elevation 489 m (1,604 ft)
Time Zone UTC+5 (PST)
Calling Code 92922
Lat Long 33°33′15″N 70°53′15″E
Famous for Saragarhi War
Famous Monument Saragarhi Fort

Why Saragarhi is Famous in History

The saragarhi is famous for the Battle of Saragarhi that was held in year 12 September, 1897 in between 21 soldiers of 4th battalion of the Sikh Regiment of Indian Army and estimated 12,000 – 24,000 Orakzai and Afridi tribesmen, in this battle 21 sikh soldiers did very well and still we salute their bravery, the post of Saragarhi of that time is now knows as Saragarhi fort that haging a high end history of saragarhi ki ladai.