Where is Isfahan

Isfahan is located in the Northern part of Esfahan state. Iran Isfahan comes in Eastern of the Iran the let-long 32°38′41″N 51°40′03″E and the height of this City from sea level is 1,574 m (5,217 ft) the distance Capital of Iran and Isfahan is 440.5 km by road. Also know where is Shiraz

Where is Isfahan located in Iran

Location Map of Isfahan showing on Google map of Iran

Information about Isfahan

The name of Isfahan came in news just because of recent attack, here we given a brief but important details Isfahan, Iran

Name Isfahan
District Central
State Isfahan
Country Iran
Area 551 km2 (213 sq mi)
Elevation 1,574 m (5,217 ft)
Urban Population 2,219,343
Geographic coordinates 32°38′41″N 51°40′03″E
Population Density 48/km2 (120/sq mi)
Languages English
Time Zone UTC+3:30
Historical buildings Vank Cathedral · Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque Khaju Bridge Shah Mosque Si O Se Pol Bridge Jameh Mosque
Air port Shahid Beheshti International Airport
River Zāyandeh River
Temples Find Fire temple List of fire temples central part of the Temple,
UNIVERSITY state-operated university in Isfahan
TRANSPORT Train Taxi Bus Metro Air
Aera Code 31
Sports Basketball, Football, Golf events, Soccer
Road distance 220.5 km

Brief History of Isfahan

Isfahan is an important city of Iran because it is located at the intersection of two major routs i.e north-south and east-west routes that cross Iran. Name Isfahan flourished from 1050 to 1722, especially in the 16th and 17th centuries under the Safavid dynasty when it became the capital of Persia for the second time in its history under Shah Abbas. Even today this Isfahan city retains its ancient glory due to heritage. It is well famous for its Perso-Islamic architecture, grand boulevards, covered bridges, palaces, tiled mosques and minarets. Isfahan also has many historical buildings, monuments, paintings and artefacts. Isfahan’s fame gave rise to the Persian proverb “Esfahan nesf-e-jahan ast”: Isfahan is half the world. Naqsh-e-Jahan Square in Isfahan is one of the largest city squares in the world. UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Site.

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