Cities in Telangana

We have collected major cities of Telangana on te basis of population, literacy, growth rate, population density, male female ratio and area of Telangana. 25 July 2021 Ramappa temple Telangana added in UNESCO

Telangana Cities

Telangana is the newly formed state in India, earlier it was the part of Andhra Pradesh, so after the formation of Telangana, some cities of Andhra Pradesh started knows as cities of Telangana, we have separated all major cities of Telangana as Biggest cities of Telangana, Largest cities Telangana by area and most populated cities in Telangana, this kind of division help you know top five cities of Telangana in Growth rate, please give a look to below tables for more information

Top Cities in Telangana

Name Population Area (
Where is Adilabad 117,167 12.28
Where is Hyderabad 8,746,490 650
Where is Jagtial 103,930 28.25
Where is Karimnagar 283,657 21.05
Where is Khammam 305,000 90.16
Where is Mahbubnagar 190,400 98.64
Where is Miryalaguda 104,918 28
Where is Nalgonda 154,326 102.81
Where is Nizamabad 311,152 50
Where is Ramagundam 237,559 139.74
Where is Suryapet 106,805 27.58
Where is Warangal 992,333 407

Biggest Cities in Telangana in Population

S. No. City name Population
1 Ranga Reddy 5296741
2 Mahbubnagar 4053028
3 Hyderabad 3943323

Largest Cities in Telangana by Area

S. No. City name Area (km²)
1 Hyderabad 18480
2 Mahbubnagar 18432
3 Adilabad 16105
4 Khammam 16029
5 Nalgonda 14240
6 Warangal 12846
7 Karimnagar 11823

Cities of Telangana in Population density

S. No. City name Density (per km²)
1 Ranga Reddy 707
2 Karimnagar 322
3 Nizamabad 321
4 Medak 313

Major Cities of Telangana on Google Map

Some Major Cities of Telangana are showing on Google Map of Telangana

Top Cities of Telangana in Growth Rate

S. No. City name Growth rate
1 Ranga Reddy 48.16%
2 Mahbubnagar 15.34%
3 Medak 13.60%
4 Adilabad 10.18%

Top Cities of Telangana in Male Female Ratio

S. No. City name Female Ratio with 1000 Male
1 Nizamabad 1040
2 Khammam 1011
3 Karimnagar 1008
4 Adilabad 1001

Top Cities of Telangana in Literacy Rate

S. No. City name Literacy
1 Hyderabad 83.25
2 Ranga Reddy 75.87

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