Major Cities of Delhi

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List of Major Cities of Delhi in Alphabetical Order

Name Area(km2) Population
Where is Central Delhi 23.36 578,671
Where is East Delhi 48.9 1,707,725
Where is New Delhi 34.95 133,713
Where is North Delhi 58.92 883,418
North East Delhi 56.32 2,240,749
North West Delhi 442.84 3,651,261
Where is South Delhi 249.44 2,733,752
Where is South West Delhi 420.8 2,292,363
Where is West Delhi 130.56 2,531,583


Major Cities of Delhi in Land Area

Name Area(km2)
North West Delhi 442.84
South West Delhi 420.8
South Delhi 249.44


Major Cities of Delhi in Population

Name Population
North West Delhi 3,651,261
South Delhi 2,733,752
West Delhi 2,531,583
South West Delhi 2,292,363
North East Delhi 2,240,749


Major Cities of Delhi on Google Map

Find Major Cities of Delhi on Google Map of Delhi


Major Cities of Delhi in Growth Rate

S. No City Name Growth rate
1 South West Delhi 30.65%
2 North West Delhi 27.81%
3 North East Delhi 26.78%
4 South Delhi 20.51%


Major Cities of Delhi those are High is Male Female Ratio

S. No City Name Female Ratio with 1000 Male
1 Central Delhi 892
2 North East Delhi 886
3 East Delhi 884
4 West Delhi 875


Major Cities of Delhi in High Literacy Rate

S. No City Name Literacy
1 East Delhi 89.31
2 new Delhi 88.34
3 South West Delhi 88.28