Where is Bagdad

Bagdad is located in the Southern part of Bagdad state, Iraq, Bagdad comes in Nouth Eest of the Iraq, the Lat. Long. 33°18′55″N 44°21′58″E, and the height of this city from sea level is 34 m (112 ft). The distance between Iraq the capital of  Iraq and Bagdad is 87.8 km.

Where is Bagdad located in  Iraq

Location Map of Bagdad showing on Google map of  Iraq


Information about Bagdad

Name Bagdad
District Bagdad
State Iraq
Country Iraq
Area 673 km2 (260 sq mi)
Elevation 34 m (112 ft)
Urban Population (2020) 8,126,755
Geographic coordinates 33°18′55″N 44°21′58″E
Population Density 184/square mile
Languages Hindi Marathi English
Time Zone UTC+3
Sports Football Basket ball Boxing Tenis Swimming Kikboxing
Historical buildings The Iraq Museum Al Mutanabbi Statue Al-Jawadain Holi Shrine Al Shaheed Monument Bagdadi Museum Zawara Park
Air port Bagdad International Airport Iraq
River Diyala River Euphrates River Tigris River Great Zab River Krun River
Temples Al Askari Shrine Iraq Heritage Al Kadhimiya Mosque Ramadan Mosque Annual Iraq Piligrimage
Zip Cord 2108
UNIVERSITY University Of Bagdad
TRANSPORT Train Taxi Bus Air

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