Where is Mayurbhanj

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Name Mayurbhanj
District Mayurbhanj
State Odisha
Country India
Continent Asia
Area in KM 10,418 km2 (4,022 sq mi)
Elevation 559.31 m (1,835.01 ft)
Population 2,513,895,(2011)
Population Density 241 inhabitants per square kilometre (620/sq mi)
Lat Long 22.0087° N, 86.4187° E
Literacy rate 63.98%
Time Zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Area Code 06792
Zip Code Start ‎757001
Languages Odia, English

Where is Mayurbhanj, Located in Odisha, India

Location Map of Mayurbhanj, showing on Google map of Odisha, India

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