Where is Bateshwar Uttar Pradesh

Bateshwar is a town comes in Agra District, located on the banks of the Yamuna River, as Agra comes in in the Uttar Pradesh so Bateshwar is located in UP a short form of Uttar Pradesh, India. Bateshwar is actully located in between Agra District and Etawah Etawah and is 8 km from Bah Tehsil of Agra. It is an important spiritual and cultural centre for two religions of India, one is Hindus or can say Sanatan Dharm and second is of Jains. It is well known known for the 101 Temple Complex dedicated of Bhgwan Shiv. Every year an annual religious and animal fair is organized in this town’s village ground area(आगरा जिले में गांव).

The name Bateshwar is derived from the Bateshwarnath Temple that is mainly dedicated to Bhgwan Shiva (Bateshwarnath Mahadev). As per legends, here under a marvelous Banyan tree (Bat in Sanskrit), Bhgwan Shiva took rest for some time under that tree which is still standing at that place, the place hence came to be known as Bateshwar i.e. Bat+ishwar or The Bhgwan of banyan tree.

Where is Bateshwar Located

Bateshwar is located in the District Agra Uttar Pradesh (Agra city famous for what), its Lat long, and other important information we given in tabular form for easy to understand .

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1Coordinates26.936°N 78.542°E
2Country India
3StateUttar Pradesh
5Elevation160 m (520 ft)
6Population (2010)
7 Total6,041
9Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
11Vehicle registrationUP-80