Where is Maracaibo

Maracaibo is located in the Nouthern part of Maracaibo state.Venezuela Maracaibo comes in Western of the Venezuela the let-long 10°38′N 71°38′W and the hight of this City from sea level is 6 m (20 ft) the distence the Capital of Venezuela and Maracaibo is 724 km by road.

Where is Maracaibo located in Venezuela

Information about Maracaibo

Name Maracaibo
District Maracaibo
State Zulia
Country Venezuela
Area 1,393 km2 (538 sq mi)
Elevation 6 m (20 ft)
Urban Population 1,200,000
Geographic coordinates 10°38′N 71°38′W
Population Density 981 /km². 5919 /km²
Languages foreign English Maracaibo
Time Zone UTC−4
Historical buildings Palacio de Eventos · Paseo del Lago Jose Encarnacion Romero Stadium · Castillo de San Carlos de la Barra · Teatro ..
Air port La Chinita International Airport
River Many rivers Catatumbo River
Temples The Caracas Venezuela Temple Temples Darshan – ISKCON
UNIVERSITY Zulia is a public university
TRANSPORT Train Taxi Bus Metro Air
Aera Code 261
Sports Basketball, Football, Golf events, Soccer, Cricket

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