Information of Calcutta, India

Name Calcutta
Country India
Continent Asia.
Come in existance 1911
Previous name any Kolkata
Area in KM 185 km2
Area in miles 79.151 sq mi
Earth Area 185 square kilometres.
Water Area 185 km²
Population 4.573 million
Population Density 63,000 per square mile 24,000 per square kilometer
Lat Long 22.5726° N, 88.3639° E
Name of Monuments victoria memorial, marble palace mansion, shaheed minar, metcalfe hall, raja ram mohan roy memorial, belur math, james princep memorial monument, indian national army memorial
Places to Visit Eden Gardens, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Victoria Memorial Hall, Mother House, Howrah Bridge, Eco Tourism Park, Prinsep Ghat, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Science City, Birla Temple, Kolkata Trams, Nicco Park, Motorcycle Tours (1), Indian Museum , Quest Mall, South City Mall, Shaheed Minar, St. John’s Church
Time Zone UTC+05:30
STD 91-33
Zip Code Start 700 001
Languages Bengali and English
Mayor Sovan Chatterjee
Transportation Taxi, Train, Bus & Airport Tips.
Rivers Hugli River,
Airports Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport

About Kolkata in English

Calcutta, West Bengal’s state capital and is also an important district, here the first British established Fort William College and then made the entire nation capital, at a time when the whole of India was ruled from Calcutta, since the partition of Bengal in Calcutta importance declined and 1 9 11 been made in the country’s capital from Calcutta to remove, even in Calcutta today is a different matter.

On the banks of the river Hooghly in Calcutta, and at this moment, making the river is still the subject of a Kotuhl, made in Calcutta became the name of the State Secretariat of the Reuters building throughout India is the only British name is the name of a government building .

About Kolkata in Hindi

कलकत्ता पश्चिम बंगाल का एक महत्वपूर्ण जिला और प्रदेश की राजधानी भी है, यहाँ पर सबसे पहले अंग्रेजो ने फोर्ट विलियम कॉलेज की स्थापना की और फिर इसे ही पुरे देश राजधानी भी बनाया, एक समय था जब पुरे भारत देश का शासन कलकत्ता से चलता था, बंगाल के विभाजन के बाद से कलकत्ता के महत्त्व में कुछ कमी आयी और १९११ में देश की राजधानी दिल्ली बना दी गयी कलकत्ता से हटा कर, फिर भी कलकत्ता का अपना एक अलग महत्त्व आज भी है।

कलकत्ता हुगली नदी के किनारे बसा हुआ है, और इस नदी पर बना पल आज भी एक कोतुहल का विषय है, कलकत्ता में बने बने प्रदेश सचिवालय का नाम रायटर बिल्डिंग है जो की पुरे भारत में एक मात्र ब्रिटिश नाम है किसी सरकारी ईमारत का नाम है।

Where is Istanbul

Istanbul is located in the Marmara Region of Turkey at the elevation of 39 meter from sea level with coordinates or lat long 41°00′49″N 28°57′18″E, nearest airport i.e Istanbul Atatürk Airport South-West of the city center in a distance is 20.2 k/m, Istanbul shared its border with only Faith city, as this city is sorounded by sea in its three sides

Where is Istanbul located in Turkey

Know where is Istanbul located in Turkey on Google Map

Information about Istanbul

Name Istanbul
Country Turkey
Continent Eurasia (Western Asia and Southeast Europe)
Came in existence 660 BC
Previous name any Byzantium (660 BC) and Constantinople (330 CE)
Area (Metro) 5,343 km2 (2,063 sq mi)
Area (Urban) 1,539 km2 (594 sq mi)
Population (Metro) 14,657,434 (2015)
Population Density (Metro) 2,691/km2 (6,970/sq mi)
Lat Long 41°00′49″N 28°57′18″E
Name of Monuments Aviation Martyrs’ Monument, Column of Constantine, Column of the Goths, Column of Marcian, Monument of Liberty, Monument of Republic
Places to Visit Hagia Sophia Museum, Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace, Bosphorus Strait, Dolmabahce Palace, Gulhane Park, Emirgan Park, Galata Tower, Fatih Mosque and Complex
Time Zone EET (UTC+2)
STD Code +90 -212 (European side) and 216 (Asian side)
Zip Code Start 34000 to 34990
Languages Turkish
Mayor Kadir Topbaş (AKP)
Transportation Taxis, Trams, Car, City bus, Airbus
Rivers Bosphorus and Riva
Lakes Kucukcekmece, Buyukcekmece, Dam and Terkos lake
Mountains Mount Ararat
Airports Istanbul Atatürk Airport (Europe side) and Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (Asia Side)

Where is Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is located in the southeast Region of Brazil at the elevation of 760 meter from sea level with coordinates or lat long 23°33′S 46°38′W, nearest airport i.e São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (IATA: GRU) North-east of the city center in a distance is 24.2 k/m

Where is Sao Paulo located in Brazil

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Information about Sao Paulo

Name Sao Paulo
Country Brazil
Continent South America
Came in existance  22 April 1500,
Previous name any Na
Area in KM 1,221 km2
Area in miles 588 sq mi
Population 11.32 million
Population Density 7,762.3/km2 (20,104/sq mi)
Lat Long 23.5500° S, 46.6333° W .
Name of Monuments Edificio Copan, Edificio Itália, Faculdade de Direito, Avenida Paulista, Viaduto do Efigenia
Places to Visit Ibirapuera Park, Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo, Catavento Cultural e Educacional, Paulista Avenue, Museu da Lingua Portuguesa, Mosteiro De Sao Bento, Theatro Municipal De Sao Paulo, Temple of Solomon, Hotel Unique, Estacao Pinacoteca, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, Our Lady of Brazil Church
Time Zone BRT (UTC−3)
STD Code (+55) 11
Zip Code Start 05508-060
Languages English
Mayor Fernando Haddad
Transportation Taxis, car, city bus, Airport
Rivers Tietê River
Lakes China Lake Restaurante
Mountains Mantiqueira Mountains
Airports Congonhas Airport

Where is Manila

Manila is located in the National Capital Region of Philippines at the elevation of 16 meter from sea level with coordinates or lat long 14°35′N 121°00′E, nearest airport i.e Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL / RPLL) south of the city center in a distance is 14.2 k/m

Where is Manila located in Philippines

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Information about Manila City

Name Manila [Capital City of Philippines]
Country Philippines
Continent Asia
Came in existence 1571 [Founded by Spanish conquerors who arrived from Mexico]
Previous name any Selurong [13th century]
Area in KM 42.88 sq km
Area in miles 16.56 sq mi
Population 1,780,148[2015]
Population Density 107,496/sq mi
Lat Long 14°35′N 121°00′E
Name of Monuments Rizal Monument, Bonifacio Monument, Lapu-Lapu Shrine, Magellan Shrine, Leyte Landing Monument
Places to Visit San Agustin Church, Intramuros, Fort Santiago, Robinsons Place Mall, Manila Cathedral, Rizal Park, Casa Manila, Rizal Shrine, University of Santo Tomas, Quiapo Church, Malate Church, Monastery of Saint Agustin, Binondo Church, San Sebastian Church
Time Zone UTC+08:00
STD Code +(63)[0]2.
Zip Code Start 0900 to 1096
Languages Tagalog and Filipino .
Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada
Transportation Taxis, Car, City bus, Airbus, Metro
Rivers Pasig River
Lakes Jamboree Lake and Laguna Lake
Mountains Smokey Mountain
Airports Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Where is Karachi

Karachi is located in the Sindh Region of Pakistan at the elevation of 8 meter from sea level with coordinates or lat long 24°51′36″N 67°0′36″E, nearest airport i.e Jinnah International Airport Karachi (IATA code: KHI) east of the city center in a distance is 19.2 k/m

Where is Karachi located in Pakistan

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Information about Karachi

Name Karachi
Country Pakistan
Continent Asia
Came in existence 1742 (As per Dutch document)
Previous name any Kolachi(Till 1742)
Area in KM 3,527 km2
Area in miles 1,362 sq mi
Population 24,300,000 (Est 2016)
Population Density 42.5 people per km2 (2016)
Lat Long 24°51′36″N 67°0′36″E
Name of Monuments Ziarat Residency, Pakistan Monument, House of Abdus Salam, Allama Iqbal’s Tomb, Allama Iqbal Museum, Islamic Summit Minar, Minar-e-Pakistan, Khaliq Dina Public Hall, Quaid-e-Azam’s Mazar, Quaid-e-Azam House Museum, Birthplace of Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Places to Visit Dolmen Mall Clifton, Mazar-E-Quaid, Mohatta Palace Museum, Frere Hall, Boat Basin, Zainab Market, Hilal Park, Ocean Tower, Park Towers, Bin Qasim Park Clifton, Quaid-e-Azam House Museum, Tooba Mosque, Bin Qasim Park, Safari Park
Time Zone GMT+5.
STD Code +(92)21
Zip Code Start 74200 (GPO)
Languages Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, Pushto, English
Mayor Sajjad Hussain Abbasi
Transportation Taxis, car, city bus, Airport
Rivers Malir River and Lyari River
Lakes Hub Lake and Haleji Lake
Mountains Frere Hall, Market in Saddar, Jehangir Kothari, Lady Lloyd Pier, Mohatta Palace, Mazar-e-Quaid, Quaid-e-Azam House, Chaukhandi Tombs, Merewether Clock, Karachi Port Trust Office Building, Karachi Cantt Railway Station, St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Airports Jinnah International Airport

Where is Jakarta

Jakarta is located on the northwest coast of the world’s most populous island of Java in

Indonesia country, at the elevation of 8 meter from sea level with coordinates or lat long

6°12S 106°49E.

Where is Jakarta located in Indonesia

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Information about Jakarta

Name Jakarta
Country Indonesia
Continent Asia
Came in existance 1527
Previous name any Batavia
Area in KM 661.5 km2
Area in miles 255.4 sq mi
Population 9,607,787
Population Density 15,000/km2 (38,000/sq mi)
Lat Long 6.1745° S, 106.8227° E
Name of Monuments The National Monument
Places to Visit Grand Indonesia Mall, Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta Cathedral, National Museum, Thousand Islands, Waterbom JakartaTaman Suropati, Taman Anggrek Mall, Pacific Place, Pondok Indah Mall
Time Zone WIB (UTC+7)
STD +62 21
Zip Code Start
Languages Chinese language
Mayor Basuki Tjahaja
Transportation Bus,Air,Car
Rivers Ciliwung River
Lakes Green Lake City
Airports Jakarta airport

Where is Seoul City

Seoul City is located in the Seoul Region of South Korea at the elevation of 14 meter from sea level with coordinates or lat long 34°34′24″N 135°28′59″E

Information about Seoul City

Name Seoul
Country South Korea
Continent Asia
Came in existence 1392
Previous name any Wiryeseong (18 BC)
Area in KM 605.21 km2
Area in miles 233.67 sq mi
Population 10,117,909 (2014)
Population Density 17,000/km2 (43,000/sq mi)
Lat Long 37°34′N 126°58′E
Name of Monuments Changdeokgung Palace, Jogyesa Temple, King Sejong Statue, Heunginjimun, Gatbawi, Statue of Admiral Yi Sun-Sin, Seokguram, Jongmyo Shrine
Places to Visit UN Memorial Cemetery, Sungnyemun, Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, Stone Pagoda of Wongak-sa, Gangnam Style ‘Horse Dance’ Stage, Soyoam, Hammering Man, World Peace Gate, Spring Sculpture, World Trade Center
Time Zone UTC/GMT+09:00
STD Code +82-2
Zip Code Start 01-09
Languages Korean language
Mayor Park Won-soon
Transportation Bus, Subway, Airbus, Car, Train
Rivers Yangjaecheon River, Dorimcheon River, Han and Jungnangcheon River
Lake/River Cheong-gye-cheon
Mountains Baengnyeonsan, Bukhansan, Buramsan, Cheonggyesan, Dobongsan, Eungbongsan, Gwanaksan, Inwangsan, Naksan, Namhansan
Airports Gimpo International Airport

Where is Seoul City located in South Korea

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Where is Buenos Aires Argentina

Buenos Aires is located in the western part of Argentinan at the elevation of 25 m from sea level with exact geographical co-ordinates of 34.6037° S, 58.3816° W.

Where is Buenos Aires located in Argentina

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Facts about Buenos Aires

Name Buenos Aires
Country Argentina
Continent South America
Came in existence 1536
Previous name any Holy Mary of the Fair Winds
Area in KM 200 sq km
Area in miles 77 sq mi
Population 3,040,000 (2015)
Population Density 14,000/km2 (37,000/sq mi)
Lat Long 34°36′S, 58°28′W
Name of Monuments Obelisco de Buenos Aires, Homenaje al Quijote, Monumento a Eva Perón, Fuente de las Nereidas, Monumento a Julio Argentino Roca
Places to Visit Plaza Serrano, Botanic Garden, Bosques de Palermo
Time Zone ART (UTC/GMT−3)
STD Code +54-11
Zip Code Start 2801
Languages Spanish(Official), Yiddish, Galician, Italian
Mayor/Chief of Government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta
Transportation Tramways, Buses, Taxis, Ferries, Airbuses
River(s) Salado River
Lakes Palermo park lake
Mountains NA
Airports Ezeiza International Airport (Ministro Pistarini International Airport), Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Airport

Where is Delhi

Delhi is located in the National Capital Region of India at the elevation of 250 meter from sea level with coordinates or lat long 28°36′36″N 77°13′48″E, nearest airport i.e IGI Airport South-West of the city center in a distance is 14.2 k/m, Delhi shared its border with Noida Uttar Pradesh in South-East side, Ghaziabad in East side, Sonipat Haryana in North Side, Rohtak in North-West side, Bahadurgarh in West side, Gurgaon Faridabad in South side [delhi car rental with driver | car hire in delhi with driver | car rental services in delhi | 18 seater minibus hire in delhi | 9 seater tempo traveller hire in delhi | Tempo Traveller on Rent in Delhi | Toyota etios car rental delhi | Hire Toyota etios car in delhi ]

Where is Delhi located in India

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Information about Delhi City

Name Delhi
Country India
Continent Asia
Come in existence 1638
Previous name any Dhilli
Area in KM 1484 MK2
Area in miles 573 miles2
Population 26314838
Population Density 11,297.01/km2
Lat Long 28°36′36″N 77°13′48″E
Name of Monuments Qutub Minar, Humayun Thomb,Zantar Mantar
Places to Visit Lal quila, Connaught Place , Swaminarayan Akshardham
Time Zone IST(UTC+5.30)
STD Code 91-11
Zip Code Start 110032
Languages Hindi, English, Urdu, Punjabi
Mayor Shri Ravinder Gupta
Transportation Bus, Train, Taxi, Metro, Air plane
Rivers Yamuna
Lakes Surajkund Lake, Old Fort, India Gate Lake, Delhi Zoological Park, Jantar Mantar, Parliament House
Mountains Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House, India Gate
Airports Indira Gandhi International Airport

Information about Takamatsu City, Japan

Name Takamatsu
Country Japan
Continent Asia
Came in existance Feb 15, 1890
Previous name any Tamamo-cho
Area in KM 375.11 square kilometres
Area in miles 144.83 sq mi
Population 419,429
Population Density 1,118 persons per km²
Lat Long 34.3500° N, 134.0500° E
Name of Monuments Takamatsu Castle, Yashimaji Temple
Places to Visit Ritsurin Park, Tamamo Park, Busshozan Onsen, Takamatsu Castle, Yashimaji Temple, Megijima Island, Ogijima Island, Sanuki Kid’s Kingdom, Yakuriji Temple, Kikugetu-tei, Negoroji Temple, New Yashima Aquarium, Kitahama Alley, Sanuki Airport Park, Honenji Temple, Ichinomiyaji Temple
Time Zone UTC+9
STD Code 81 -878
Zip Code Start 760-8571
Languages Japanese language
Mayor Hideto Ōnishi
Transportation Bus, Train, Taxi, Metro, Air plane
Rivers Kitakami
Lakes Salt Lake City
Mountains Yashima Mountain
Airports Takamatsu Airport