What to See in almora Uttarakhand

Place Name Distance from Kheria Airport Distance from agra cantt railway station Built in Built by
Kasar Devi Na na na na
Nanda Devi Na na na na
Doli Daana Na na na na
Shyayi Devi Na na na na
Khakmara Na na na na
Asht Bhairav Na na na na
Jakhandevi Na na na na
Katarmal (Sun Temple) Na na na na
Pataal Devi Na na na na
Raghunath Mandir Na na na na
Badreshwar Na na na na
Banari Devi Na na na na

About Nanda Devi  Temple

Nanda Devi Temple located in almora ,Uttarakhand its distance from Pantnagar Airport is 116 KM and dustance from nearest  Kathgodam railway station   is 82 km and it is 00 km far from   Almora bus station, Nanda Devi Temple was built in  11th century, ago by Ajaypal.

History of Nanda Devi Temple in Hindi

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